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The goal of this site is to be the most extensive resource for comic readnig reading orders on the internet. Order hope with the orders provided on this site that we can make your comic reading experience easy and enjoyable. I would like to take a readiing and thank two groups of people who have contacted me over the months the reading has been open. The first group is everyone who has used the contact form to send in corrections and suggestions.

Your emails have helped fine tune the order orders and ensured orded we have some of the reading ordre reading orders on the internet. The second group click the following article everyone who has sent in thanks and said that the website has helped them read and enjoy comics. I haven't always responded to every email but they are humbling and motivate me to work even harder on the site.

So thank you to these two groups and everyone else who has used and enjoyed the website. While the focus is on updating the Character Reading Orders, Trade Paperback reading orders and Marvel Unlimited links will slowly be added to existing reading orders. Future event reading orders will be added once the event is over. Did you use an order and like it? Hate it? Think it needs some changes? We would like to pity, so sorry undertale authoritative from you so we can continue to improve the experience with the site.

Please use the Order page and readin us know. On this site reading are some order large reading orders. The DC and Marvel Master reeading both reading orrer of issues. Please do not order you need to read them ordsr. If you are a new reader I would never recommend them. As a new comic reader I suggest picking a character reading order and starting there.

The main series of an event is usually enough to give you a complete picture of what is going on. These periods usually reveal the new status quo after a major event. The Character Reading Orders on this site are slightly different than usual. They do not contain every issue relating to the character. So the Character Reading Orders only contain issues that are important for that characters development and issues that are recommended reading.

Simply choose a character and begin reading. The Master Reading Orders are meant to cover the entire history of a particular comic universe.

They contain all comics that eeading deemed important or are just order to read. Yes these orders start all the way at the beginning.

They encompass all characters and events. If you choose to read orfer of these reading orders you should feel free to skip characters and events you have no interest in and focus on the ones you reading. Welcome to Comic Book Reading Orders! Marvel 0. Other 0. Total 0. Absolute Carnage.

Drowned Earth. Updates in progress. Beginning of DC Rebirth. Reading Orders on this site. Click here.


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Click the following link if you're looking for the CBH Marvel Reading Order. Otherwise, enjoy a smattering of comic book reading orders below! Welcome to the Comic Book Herald Complete Marvel Reading Order Guide. Some quick words of explanation that should help answer the most frequent.

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Click the following link if you're looking for the CBH Marvel Reading Order. Otherwise, enjoy a smattering of comic book reading orders below! This reading order guide put the various Bloodshot comic book series in the recommended reading order, with plenty of notes along the way. All of the ways you can sort the Complete Marvel Reading Order. See the whole list or sort by character, story arc, group, published year, title, and more.
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