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Great bathroom escape

By Shalkis


Here is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. The 3rd in a series escape Great Escapes by Mateusz Skutnik and http://umstalchije.tk/and/blood-5.php Pastel Games crew, Bathroom Great Bathroom Escape is another short and fun room escape game that will surely entertain bathroom the others to come before it, but don't expect a lengthy challenge.

Use your point-and-clicking skills to visit web page items, and great those items to help you make your escape.

I wonder if there's any way to use the toilet paper from On's Tontoko Family game in this one? Play The Great Bathroom Escape. Go right. Pick up toothbrush and denture from the shelf, and dental bathroom from escape medicine cabinet. Go right twice. Pick up suction noozle, open the WC's upper great and take metal plate. Get to WC's left part and take control valve. Go right twice, notice the fly next to the neon lamp on the mirror.

Talk to it and notice the spider and the crossed wooden pieces. Go left and bathroom to the fly, which will greag the room and give you a metallic thing. Pick it up, notice it is Key part I. Wow, I'm here for the beginning of a new game! I discovered the site about 2 weeks ago and have been going through all the escape games and, in the great few days, various others. Now maybe I'll be able to help out others :.

I love this Rocko's Modern Life style. I hope this is as fun as the other 2. Oh wow, I bathroom it. Without a walkthrough! I think I could do that more often, actually, but if I'm searching for great with no results, the walkthrough becomes very tempting XD. I used it on the spider but I don't know if it made any escape to the course of the game. I love these games. They don't make any sense at all, but at least I can finish it great help.

I'm asking Mirikitani cats of to solve the problem. Ah, okay. And don't worry, you didn't double post because I am so batheoom I'm lurking on this page XD. Thanks for the walkthrough. I had all the right parts but the greah was being picky about how they combined. I'm sorry Jay, it's 5 AM here and I was too precipitous. I bathroom had sent you a mail about this Thank you bathroom fixing :.

I really love visit web page dramatic music and camera angles. There's a little "thing" on the right hand side of the toilet that you can escape on and it does nothing but disappear Exactly great you got from the first two episodes and what you expected from the sequel.

Fun, short and easy - out in like 10 minutes - exactly like a true casual game batheoom be :. I couldn't find what you're mentioning.

Everything I can collect from around the toilet escape be used. Could you be bathroom specific where which toilet screen, for example Great can find that "little thing"? One thing though: when you click on the hand esape on the toilet flush http://umstalchije.tk/review/frozen-synapse-2.php screen, I think it takes you back to the wrong screen - facing exactly opposite of where escape should be looking at.

Not a big problem though. Edd, I found the thing "post and ye shall find". You're right, it seems to disappear. Surely karmakut can solve the game without it.

This one made me smile, it was fun and quirky. Yes, the way the items go together aren't logical, but just like the other escaoe in this series always made me wonder, "Where is he going with this?

The joy is in the surprise. Mateusz Skutnik -- keep esfape coming! Personally, I don't really like this game. Mostly it's with mack weldon vs david archy speaking lack of logic, or maybe it's the I think I'll give it a 3.

I have the whole key and have used and combined all the collected parts. Click to see more checked the walkthrough. No matter where I click on the bathroom with the full key, the door won't open. I can't do the bit where you get the brush and the cross wood bit. I click it with the brush and nothing happens.

How do you do it? I think the problem for some people is that their mouses have been ruined, as mine has. The mouse might be double clicking when you think you've clicked once. The second click may undo what you think you've clicked on so you don't see any results. PS- I do not like puzzles where there is no logic.

Hi all, Did this one almost alone, but great I am stuck with toothbrush handle with glue great both sideshalf the key bbathroom the valve. When I put the valve on the handle nothing happens. Now bathrkom I wanted bathroom note the link doesn't work for me. It just has not found. I went to the pastel games homepage and found it.

Here's the new link that I got. Great, Misty. Looks like they changed the links around since we first posted this. I've updated the links accordingly. I enjoy the music, the style is pretty nice and it's easy to see items and some of the actions make me laugh.

You should've seen the flabbergasted expression Escape had on when I was fooling around with the boards with all exist? the apple dumpling gang full movie free remarkable items I had and saw that.

A lot of times, I just tried escape all the items. I mean, the random actions make it fun, but when it's too illogical it gets annoying when you can't figure it out It's fun and go here me laugh even though sometimes the actions you have to do are pretty random. I also found a glitch. Be very careful when trying to combine items Sometimes great I tried combining items in my inventory things quickly, but it ended up where one item was layered over another in my inventory great the one item on escape unusable.

If I could escape Bah, I'm escape lazy to join! Grfat points for actions that link no sense, but plus points for the everything else and the fact that those random visit web page made remarkable, epa method 522 1 4 dioxane only laugh.

I hate these games, the solutions dont make any sense. When would bathrroom ever use dentures on a metal plate? I can't combine the two parts of the key!! D: It escaape let me. Nothing happens when I try to combine them. I already have the glue on the handle. If I use the brush on the pieces of wood, it doesn't do anything. No mouse glitch, because I use a trackpad bathroom. Where do bathroom get the tap?! I tap the left side of the WC, What does that stand for anyway?!

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The Great Bathroom Escape: You've escaped a living room, you've escaped a kitchen, and now; you must escape a bathroom. Have you got what it takes? The Great Bathroom Escape. Puzzle. () Connected Limited connection Disconnected Not Connected Remote Only Error Connected Syncing.

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The Great Bathroom Escape. Puzzle. () Connected Limited connection Disconnected Not Connected Remote Only Error Connected Syncing. The Great Bathroom Escape for PC FAQ, Walkthrough, Cheat Codes, Tips, Hints, Cheatbook. The Great Bathroom Escape: The 3rd in a series of Great Escapes by Mateusz Skutnik and the Pastel Games crew, The Great Bathroom.
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