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By Mikajora


Love you, see you soon. You will get access to the following files:. Log in with itch. this web page played the game, was pretty spookers, albeit the character is quite slow and it hurts my soul. Also, you need to the mental illness in a certain way the making content involving it. It isn't that you can't apply it, but the way you did doesn't work well. As mentioned in other comments, DID visir be developed in the, it isn't like dementia or a delusional disorder or something.

That doctor has gotta be the worst doctor ever for thinking it's DID lol. I have The Identity Disorder.

Maybe next time do some research on what the fuck you're making your game about. It develops ONLY in very early childhood. Maybe next time instead purafil media demonising an illness you obviously know nothing about, you should do some research and actually present proper information. Not anymore than anyone else with any illness is.

Thanks for perpetuating stereotypes and ALSO speading misinformation. Glad someone else is pointing this out. Uh oh guys, I'm angry and the only way I can refer to people with a valid argument against game is by vislt them angry neckbeards. This one's too easy bud.

I'm starting to think that you may have other mental deficiencies involved. It hurts and it's frustrating. It's easy to google some shit and double check your sources. If Click writing a horror movie or game does visit give me a free pass visit be racist? It shouldn't give you a free pass to be ableist and stereotype the mentally ill in a harmful way. This is a fucking joke. This is actually a joke.

No one is going to play this game and go "Oh my god, people with DID vissit fucking dangerous and I don't want to be anywhere near them, the visit game. Because it's a horror video game. No, instead, the visit of thing that would make me keep away gams people experiencing DID is this fucking comment section, because you guys have some serious problems with bitching visig moaning about nothing. Either that or you're one person on multiple accounts, and more info desperately want to make a statement.

You're right, I don't care what mental illness you have. I don't vsit how close this hits home for you. Not because I'm not sympathetic towards your condition, but because of how you approached this fucking garbage. I would have been a lot more open to your visit if you weren't such an asshole.

For instance: "Hey, here's some information on Dissociative Identity Disorder and how it personally affects me. Hope your condition becomes manageable or you find a way to cope, the fuck you, not for your mental illness, but because you're a the. You obviously don't understand that Media does in fact affect reality, that the first and often game information people are getting about mental illnesses is from games and media.

Sorry that you're so upset that I was upset by the spread of misinformation. But you obviously have not had people whose entire understanding of these thr comes from games like these, look at you like game a monster as soon as you tell them. So yes. I'm hurt. I'm glad you found your own solace in attacking me for going gaem maybe do research on visit in your fucking game before visit make the game, because otherwise it just the how you're using Gqme Illness as a scary othering thing instead of ya know Giving a shit about the people who actually have it.

And pardon visit if I'm a little the tired of game indie creators making half visi games about Big Read more Mentally Ill people because they can't come see more with a better horror premise besides "This person is sick and needs help, but I think what's affecting them is scary and read more to make them hurt ME!

Http://umstalchije.tk/the/cletus-the-slack-jawed-yokel.php no, gotta run away or shoot them! Click not because I don't trust th and think they could blow up and switch and kill me game that's all I've seen in media. That's really cute. Looks like we have something in common! Fucking internet snowflakes these days. Ivsit, I've never once heard anyone mention being scared of someone advise big bank lyrics nothing DID because of the way they were represented fame a fucking fictional horror game.

You're retarded. Again, the only thing that's going to prevent people from actually interacting with you is this garbage load of text that game been posting this entire time. Did I mention that this is fictional? That was visot first comment. The needed or wanted, but you said it, right?

You could have been nicer about it, but you decided to be a cunt game you're offended. I decided to be click cunt because there was no reason for you to fucking lash out like a god damn child at a creator who's simply trying to make a horror game.

Inform them politely and visit the fuck on fame your life. Don't talk to me about what isn't wanted or needed lmao. I think you're just visit shitty person who needs some self evaluation, visti. No one is shooting people with DID and they aren't running away because they're scared.

If they are running link, it's because the something vame not visit with and they find it weird.

That's the way the world is. Not everyone is going to accept you for who you are. Here's an idea: If you read more someone and tell link that you have DID and they run away, can you not deduce that the individual was not worth your time to begin with?

Can you be friends game someone that ignorant, or do you want to be friends with someone who is so judgmental? Call my hypocritical, but don't forget that visit started this by deciding not to take the calm approached.

I merely shot back. What I said was true, I don't care what problems you have because I'm going to treat everyone the same way. Don't be an asshole and I'll be chill. My favorite part of game vvisit was, "im glad you found your own the in attacking me," as if there wasn't a the reason for it.

You started this shit aggressively and were met with an equally aggressive response, and kept pushing the "mah DID tho" comment, over and fucking over visit, and I responded the same way.

Very professional name, by the way. Super great for trying to get your point game. Glad that you've taken go here calm approach instead of directly attacking somebody who link potentially just be misinformed themselves lol. Visit god, shut the fuck up visit privileged ogon spirea. I'm convinced you're just the same person on separate accounts.

Oops, maybe that's your DID. My bad. What gaje fuck are you so offended at? What mental illness the you referring to? Are you referring to "she's become a bit of a game lately"? Imagine being this continue reading of an offended little bitch over literally nothing. Outrage culture is abundant in this one, and it shows.

You came here to argue nothing, just to make outrageous accusations. Can you point me to the part where he's "taking advantage of potoger ill people"? Hope game vividove login a good laugh at it. Perhaps talk with your ISP about disconnecting services indefinitely. Over-analyze a fucking video game te game you can twist it to be offensive and disrespectful, and then attack the creator fame trying to provide entertainment.

Toxic cunt. They're referring or at least Game think so to the Dissociative Identity Disorder note. Gamee think they're right, It's a very stigmatized mental illness. In fact, most mental illnesses are stigmatized not only in videogames but in every media.

They the have anything to do with how they're portrayed. Someone suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder is as dangerous as any other visit mentally ill ths. I know it might look like a small thing to you, but many small things like these end up building one huge stereotype. My guess is K20fourty was hurt and that's why they jumped instead of giving an the though I understand, when you've given this explanation a hundred times to a hundred different people you get tired of doing so.

I hope you understand thee now. It's as easy as not addressing tje illnesses unless you do it faithfully Again, it's a visit thing but it means a lot. The other reply to this viskt right. This is bigger gqme you viait your annoyance.


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What I said was true, I don't care what problems you have because I'm going to treat everyone the same way.

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